I have best friends in New Jersey and best friends working in Walt Disney World and then they meet and I cry friendship tears of happiness

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 11:40pm
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 11:39pm


Tbh just want a lot of chest hickies.

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 11:00pm
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 11:00pm



how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.

like isn’t just like having sex idgi?

This sounds like a Mitt Romney diary entry.

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:26pm


Anna's hand movement when she's nervous

requested by: anonymous

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:25pm
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:24pm
✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿
  • Daisy: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  • Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?
  • Jasmine: What color looks best on you?
  • foxglove: Name three facts about your family?
  • Allium: What's the best thing you can cook?
  • Orange Blossom: If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?
  • Calla Lily: If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?
  • Poinsettia: Favorite holiday dish?
  • Oxlip: Would you ever get into a long distance relationship?
  • Primrose: Favorite kind of soup?
  • Daffodil: What's the most thoughtful present you've ever received?
  • Rose: Are you currently in love with someone?
  • Amsonia: Would you ever become a vegan?
  • Peony: What's your favorite hot beverage?
  • Tulip: For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for?
  • Myrtle: Do you like going on airplanes?
  • Hibiscus: Did you ever play an instrument? If so what?
  • Zinnia: Who was your best friend when you were six years old?
  • Poppy: What color was your childhood home?
  • Hydrangea: Starbucks order?
  • Violet: Do you like where you're from?
  • Locust: What was your favorite book as a child?
  • Rhododendron: What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
  • Queen Anne's Lace: Would you rather carve pumpkins or wrap presents?
  • Magnolia: Favorite kind of candy?
  • Aster: Would you rather be cold or hot?
  • Marigold: Do you listen to what's on the radio?
  • Heliconia: Do you like when it rains?
  • Azalea: What's a movie you cried while watching?
  • Dandelion: Do you think you're important?
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:17pm

I made some Disney Villain flower crown icons in honor of Villains Week. Feel free to use, no need for credit. 

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:15pm


To avoid getting pimples and various blemishes just saw your entire head off

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:11pm

Living in a shell with no soul since you've gone away

Living in a shell with no soul since you've gone away

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:10pm


kissing is great

but wow when you get to kiss someone you have feelings for and you’ve wanted to kiss them for the longest time and you get to stroke their face and you’re so aware of their body and how nice their lips feel

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 09:58pm

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 09:26pm


life is so hard when you have twenty tv shows to watch

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 09:14pm
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 09:14pm
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